Feast For Football

September 12, 2015

BY Jermon Bushrod AT 11:24 AM ON 9/12/15

Ask any offensive linemen…we all LOVE food.  But as a professional athlete in the National Football League, what I eat is as important as how much.  MaulerMeals highlights the pre-game recipes that gives me the fuel I need for sixty-minutes of football.  I’ll provide the ingredients, serving sizes and a step-by-step breakdown for how to prepare your very own weekly MaulerMeal.


Do you have a secret, homemade recipe handed off straight from grandma herself?  Take a picture of your finished dish (any any preparation) and submit it to be featured in a MaulerMeals featured meal.  Just make sure she’s okay with you giving away her playbook.


So start subscribing today and see all the healthy, easy-to-make recipes that will block out your hunger and keep you in the starting lineup.